Your world in 3D

3D technology is revolutionizing the world we live in.   From 3D printed sculptures to body organs to buildings, it will continue to grow and expand - in ways that we cannot even imagine yet. 

Come learn and play with us.  Together, we will create stunning 3D sculptures, bronzes, jewelry, avatars, action figures... and more.  Step into our 3D camera, create objects, take courses and learn to do it yourself at one of the only 3D studios in the Southeast.

Our powerful Sculptoro 3d Scanner contains 125 individual camera units.  Each camera unit fires twice, creating 250 images form which we create an extremely lifelike, vivid 3D digital image.

From there, the world is your oyster... create, design, imagine.

Want to learn to do it yourself?  We offer exciting summer camps and other learning programs in which you can create your own 3D image and either keep it real or turn yourself into a superhero with cape, sword, or anything else that your imagination creates.  The sky's the limit...


In the real world

Transform yourself, your kids, and your pets into fine art bronzes, action figures or precious metal jewelry.  

From full color sandstone or lost-wax cast bronzes to precious metal jewelry to plastic action figures, these 3Ds will amaze you.

Keep it digital

Use your 3D digital image for online showcasing, allowing your audience to rotate and have a fully dimension experience.  Or, turn yourself into an avatar in the digital realm.


Digitize and print

Provide technical drawings, sketches with measurements, or the part you would like to get converted to a 3D model and we take care of the rest. From prototypes to concepts, we will design the part and can 3D print it as well.