Ford F150 (2011)-Latch for center console - Buy now for $15

What do you do if the latch of the center console or your Ford F150 trucks breaks? Well, Ford sells only the whole center console cover with the latch. This is great although a little pricey. Another option is to get (used) original spare part on some websites like ebay.   

Using the original part as model we designed a replacement part from scratch for a Ford F150 XLT. No scanner needed - a digital caliper and a bit of patience did the job. This non-OEM part fits F150 (2010 - 2015) - Ford Part Number: BL34-18672A66

We print this part with gray ABS to provide the necessary thermal and mechanical stability. Some light layering is visible but most of the latch is hidden anyway. The standard color is a shade of grey that is a bit lighter than the standard Ford interior gray. Other colors may be available - please check with us prior to placing an order if interested in this option.


3D Design

Send us your sketches with dimensions, pictures of parts with dimensions, technical drawings, or the (broken) part and we can create the 3D model and 3D print it in various materials.

design 1.png
design 2.png