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3D Academy offers a variety of classes and camps to bring the exciting world of 3D to you.  Learn more below.

In this 3D Class, you can learn the basic parts of 3D modeling and printing. You can import objects, and create your own. I liked this class a lot because you get to play around with the app, Meshmixer, and do a lot of fun things with old and new friends. You can make whatever you would want. The class teaches you how to use tools, so you can cut, stretch, bend, or squish however you would like to do it. Overall, it is fun and interesting. You should try it!
— Noah (12), Chapel Hill
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summer camps

3D Academy offers exciting, engaging summer camps that make learning fun.  Dates: June - August. Ages: 10-18


Homeschooling & Mini camps

Join our exciting homeschooling courses that make learning fun.  Winter term: Jan - Mar; Spring term:April-May..

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Adult classes& Lifelong Learning

Explore the 3D world

A series of classes provides hands-on introductions to 3D modeling, several standard software tools, 3D printing and photogrammetry.

Noah and Ezra recently participated in a 3D Modeling and 3D Printing class for 3 hours. They both had so much fun sketching out ideas, and then designing and printing their own 3D Models! This is a hands-on, high-tech camp for kids interested in science and technology, or for the next generation of developers, animators, and engineers. 3D Academy in Chapel Hill might just be changing these kids’ futures.
— Maria, Chapel Hill